Survey found on Eric Harris’s computer

—send this to everyone you know. the more who know about me the better.
1. Full name: Eric Harris
2. Nicknames: REB, reverend, indigo, WAR
3. Birthplace: wichita, KS
4. Birthday: 4/9/81 
5. Where Do You Live Now?: hell. a few days ago people called it littleton.(denver)
6. Parent(s): Wayne and Kathy
7. Sibling(s): Kevin
8. Looks: 5’10” 140. skinny but handsom, some say
9. Favorite Animal(s): Dogs, bald eagles.
10. Favorite TV Show(s): i hate TV
11. Favorite Kind(s) Of Music: industrial
12. Favorite Movie(s): Lots highway
13. School: former Columbine high school.
14. Future School: none
15. Future Job: none
16. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nope
17. Best Buds: the 4 horsemen. me(war), vodka(death), ——-(famine), ——-(pestilence)
18. Favorite Candy: slim jims.
19. Hobbies: doom. guns.
20. Things You Collect: fireworks. gun powder.
21. Do You Have A Personal Phone Line: kinda, its the computer line too.
22. Favorite Body Part Of The Opposite Sex.? legs.
23. Any Tattoos And Where Of What?: Not yet.
24. Piercing(s) And Where?: hell no.
25. What Do You Sleep in?: Boxers
26. Do you like Chain Letters: burn em.
27. Best Advice: follow instincts.
28. Favorite Quotes: kill em all. lets rock. BUCK DICH
29. Non-sport Activity You Enjoy: Computer, shooting.
30. Dream Car: hummer.
31. Favorite Thing To Do In Spring: shoot stuff. blow stuff up.
32. What’s Your Bedtime: whenever
33. Where Do You Shop?: try not to. army surplus or hot topics, even though its a trendy little place.
34. Coke or Pepsi: Coke
35. Favorite Thing(s) To Wear?: black stuff and sunglasses.
36. Favorite Subject(s) In School?: Bowling.
37. Favorite Color(s): black
38. Favorite People To Talk To Online: ——- in CSU
39. Root-Beer or Dr. Pepper? toss em both.
40. Do You Shave? when i feel like it.
41. Favorite Vacation Spot(s): mountains.
42. Favorite Family Member(s): Bro.
43. Did You Eat Paint Chips When You Were a Kid? No
44. Favorite CD you own: a custom burn of gothic industrial stuff.
45. The ONE Person Who You Hate The Most: are cops one person?
46. Favorite Food(s): salsa sunflower seeds and slim jims.
47. Who Is The Hottest Guy or Girl In The World?: ——- something. a few others.
48. What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing?: ranch
49. When You Die, Do You Wanna Be Buried or Burned Into Ashes? Burned.
50. Do You Believe In Aliens?: you bet your probbed ass i do
51. If You Had The Chance To Professionally Do Something, What would You Do?: blow up things.
52. Things You Obsess Over: guns bombs doom.
53. Favorite Day of the Week: friday
54. A Teacher You Hate: ——-
55. Favorite Disney Movie: burn em all
56. What Is Your Favorite Season? summer
57. What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza? peproni and green peps.
58. Do You Like Your School Food Itself (As In The District Food):
59. If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live? phobos
60. Favorite Thing(s) To Do On Weekends: bowl and get stoned
61. Favorite Thing(s) To Get Clean up: eh?
62. Favorite Magazine(s): guns and ammo, penthouse, time.
63. Favorite Flower(s): this chinese one i saw.
64. Favorite Number(s): 7, 666 
65. Favorite Ice Cream flavor(s): cookie dough!!!!
66. What Kind of Guys/Girls Are You Attracted to?: sexy and fun ones.
68. What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment? getting arrested
69. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It be? weight.
70. Do You Eat Breakfast First Then Brush Your Teeth or Brush first ten eat breakfast: i eat breakfast and then i brush my teeth
71. Favorite Time of Day: 2am.
72. Can A Guy and Girl Be Just “Best Friends?”: i guess.
73. Do You Ask The Girl / Guy Out Or Do You Wait For Them To Come To You?: ask em out.
74. Do You Mind Paying For Sex? depends on who its with, but no not really.
75. What’s The Most Important thing In Someone’s Personality: compassion
76. Do you have a pager or cell phone? hell no
77. Favorite Sport: soccer
78. What Was the Best Gift You Ever Received? my 86 honda prelude.
79. How Long Did This Letter Take You To Finish?: 5 min
80. What Did You Listen To While Completing It?: Nothing
81. Are you or would you like to be married in the near future (next 5 years)? no
82. Don’t u just hate how psychics never win the lottery? would rather rob.

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